Keeping Things Clean

In the Studio

It is common practice to remove shoes before entering a yoga studio. Even if you are practicing in a health club, where the studio may be used for other classes during which people wear sneakers, it is still best to remove your shoes before entering for yoga. If there is no designated space to store your belongings (jacket, phone, etc.), place them toward the back or side of the studio rather than beside your mat, so you keep other people’s space and vision free of clutter and distractions.

On Your Mat

For your health, it is always important to keep your mat or the borrowed studio mat clean. Most studios have cleansing wipes for their mats. Use these before and after your class. If you bring your own mat to class, you may want to wipe it down with a wet cloth after you return home and hang the mat to dry. You can also keep things clean by folding your mat in half before rolling it up. This way the side that touched the floor never touches the side you practice on. (My first yoga teacher taught me this and would reprimand me if I rolled up my mat any other way!)


The old fold ‘n’ roll



If you borrowed props from the studio, try to return them in an orderly manner. Blocks should be stacked neatly, blankets folded with the edges lined up, and mats returned as they were found. This allows you to carry the refinement and purity of your practice into the world and sets the atmosphere for the next person to use those props.

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