If You Haven’t Tried It…

You should. SUP Yoga. It’s just yoga on a stand up paddle board. Like almost all things about yoga, I mean it when I say anyone can do it. Sure, you’ll fall in. But it will feel great because your skin has just been warmed by the early evening sun during your triangle pose. Sure, you’ll be a little distracted by the stunning sky, sounds of kids splashing, and random rustling coming from the bushes on shore. But sometimes these distractions can help you remember the beauty of your present experience.


Indy enjoying an upside-down view of Blueberry Lake

I went to my first SUP yoga class last Wednesday. Learning to balance and breathe through sun salutations on a moving board was definitely new and fun. But for me, the best part of every yoga class is always final savasana. And I wasn’t disappointed on the paddle board! Who wouldn’t want to end their evening lying afloat on a wide board, letting the gentle sway of a lake lull them into relaxation? There are only a few weeks left of SUP Yoga at Blueberry Lake. Don’t miss out!


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