Last night SUP yoga with Indy at Blueberry Lake ended with a bright double rainbow appearing across the sky, one end of the rainbow shining straight into the water. After a beautiful, rain-soaked savasana, it was a pretty magical finale.

Then, this morning, I awoke to see another double rainbow sending its ribbons of color across the backyard. A sign perhaps? That yesterday was perfect and today will be too?

There are two more Wednesdays of SUP yoga left at Blueberry Lake, and I will be teaching one of them (8/26)! Please call Clearwater Sports to register and reserve a board. (802) 496-2708.

One thought on “Beauty

  1. Indy Ewald says:

    The air was a little cool and it was cloudy for SUP yoga but once we got moving the temp was perfect. No one but our floating yoga class was at the lake. It was so peaceful. Just before Savasana the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and then the rain came as we laid on our backs. It was stunningly beautiful as we paddled back to shore in the sun, rain and graced by rainbows. Namaste Mother Earth.


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