Another Perfect Day on Blueberry Lake

This Saturday Clearwater Sports in Waitsfield and I teamed up for the first of two Fall Foliage SUP Yoga classes on Blueberry Lake. By the time we gathered at the water around 11:00 am, the temperature was up to 57 degrees and the sun was shining strong, proving that it is not too late in the season for SUP yoga! Once we got moving on our boards, there was not a single complaint about the temperature, only appreciative comments on the beauty of the lake, the amazing glasslike stillness of the water, and the gorgeous onset of autumn–plus the thrill of being in a floating downward facing dog.

Sign up now for next weekend’s Fall Foliage SUP Yoga class by calling Clearwater Sports at (802) 496-2708.

Tip: If you wear pants that you can roll up, then you won’t get your pants wet while walking your board out into the water. This means you will have nice dry, warm legs as you paddle and do yoga!



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