5 Last Minute, Local Holiday Gift Ideas

Shop Local For Your Favorite Yogi

Looking for last minute gifts for your yoga lover? The valley is the perfect place to shop for any sort of holiday gift, but here are my top 5 gifts for yogis.

  1. A gift certificate or class card to his/her favorite yoga studio. Pick one up online or in person at IndyYoga, the Bridges, or the SHaRC. photoeditor-1450818886223.jpg
  2. Yoga mat. People always ask me where they can buy a yoga mat locally. Currently, the only place that has them for sale in the valley is IndyYoga. They are $20.
  3. Yogi Tea from Mehuron’s. My favorites are Egyptian Licorice and Bedtime tea. A inspiring words with a sip of tea never fails to brighten my day.photoeditor-1450820623445.jpg
  4. Healing chakra jewelry and malas made with love by yogini and Reiki healer Mary Ellen Alberti. Email Mary Ellen (maryellen (at) awakenvt (dot) com) or checkout what’s for sale at their restaurant, Peasant, on Bridge Street.
  5. Warm ‘n’ cozies from Clearwater Sports to slip on over yoga clothes when making the daring journey into the cold, dark night or morning for yoga class.



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