Always Happy to Show Up

Taking a yoga class is great, obviously. But to be honest, teaching a yoga class feels nearly as wonderful to me as taking an actual class. We instructors benefit just as much from the prana and good vibes in the room as you do. Thank you for your presence. Truly.


Dedicated Wednesday afternoon yogis at IndyYoga


Personally, teaching helps me feel grounded, humble, inspired, energized, and grateful every single day.

I show up. You show up. We show up together.



Joy spreads


Here are the top 5 things people have said after class that make me so glad to be a yoga teacher.

  1.  “This should be my church.”
  2.  “We work as nurses all day. Then we come here, and for an hour, you are our nurse.”
  3.  “That just changed my whole weekend.”
  4.  “Wow. I’ve needed that for months.”
  5.  “I feel amazing.”

How do you feel after yoga? Share by leaving a comment below or tell your yoga teacher on the way out of your next class.

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