Wanderlust Stratton 2016

Instead of writing a recap, I’m just going to tell you why you should sign up for Wanderlust 2017 the day it’s announced, even if you have no idea what you’ll be doing in June 2017 or where you’ll be in your life:

You’re worth it. 

You’ll then know exactly what you’ll be doing in June 2017. Done! One less thing to worry about.

Wherever you are and no matter what’s going on in your life, you’ll benefit from a weekend devoted to turning inward, while remembering that our journeys, as deeply personal and isolated as they seem sometimes, still are and always will be about connections.

To practice yoga mat to mat with people who (most likely) share similar values about the self, body, mind, and what it means to live truthfully and mindfully. It’s powerful.

To do breath of fire in a room of over 100 people and then chanting in the energetic space that you created together. (In my opinion, this should be on everyone’s bucket list. Especially if it’s far beyond your comfort zone.)

To be reminded again and again and again that you are love. You. Are. Love.

Inspirational teachers who provide the most appropriate spiritual guidance for your life at the moment (how do they do it?) and possess the magical ability to lead you into physical asanas you had not known you were capable of. (No real magic involved, I know, but if you practice in the right mindset, some seemingly impossible postures naturally appear. We often need a wise teacher to guide us into these moments of breath-body-mind union.)

In the meantime, find your local yoga community. Go take a class! 

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