Family Yoga–Fun for Parents & Kids

Family Yoga

July’s Family Yoga class at IndyYoga was for parents and children, so that parents could learn some simple songs, games, and postures for practicing yoga at home with their kids. I promised parents that I’d post some pictures and some reminders about how to take it all home with you. So here it is!


Keep It Playful

Sing, dance, laugh, fall over, have fun, move like no one’s watching you, put your whole heart and soul into. The more energy you put in, the more your kids will be enthused to practice with you. In your yoga pose, you can become an animal, a plant, an object…anything really!

Keep It Consistent

Kids thrive with routine. Begin with the same signal each time, maybe a chime, maybe by taking out a yoga book, or maybe sitting on some fun pillows and saying OM together. I suggest doing a few postures consistently for a few days so your children can feel like they really know it. That’s when your children will be able to whip out a warrior or settle into butterfly pose on their own and say, “Look, Mommy/Daddy! I’m a butterfly!”

Keep It Spontaneous

Sometimes, though, you just have to let the routine go and be spontaneous. If you are taking a walk and something you see reminds you or your child of a yoga pose, bust it out! If you thought maybe you’d do some partner poses today, but your children seem like they really want to be independent with their bodies, go with the flow and do something else.

Keep It Balanced

Just like with everything else, kids do best with balance. Try some really energetic poses (buzzing around like a bee, stomping your elephant feet and waving your elephant truck), then follow them with calming, relaxing poses (child’s pose, relaxation).


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