Valley Glow Yoga Studio

Opening in mid-December

This is the new home for Valley Glow Yoga! The address is 5197 Main Street, Suite 2A (Irasville Common) in Waitsfield, Vermont. This is the second floor space with the half-dome window. We are planning to open in mid-December with a light schedule and  a full schedule beginning January 1, 2017.

Valley Glow Yoga will offer morning, noon, evening, and weekend classes. Regular classes include Basic Yoga, Heated Flow, Contemporary Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Meditation and Movement, and more.

I will announce details for the Open House soon… Can’t wait to see you there!



2 thoughts on “Valley Glow Yoga Studio

  1. Karen Fraser says:

    Yeah!!! So excited! I’ve been waiting for a great studio here at sugarbush!! I am a Boston based yoga instructor. 500 RYT. Also certified SUP instructor. I have my own SUP business in NH.
    If I’m available and you are ever stuck for coverage I’d be happy to teach!
    We are renting a condo for the winter season and plan to buy one this spring.
    Looking forward to being part of this yoga community 🙏🏼


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