Creating a New Vision Workshop

11 a.m. ~ 1 p.m. Sunday, January 8, 2017

Creating a New Vision for 2017 with Jennifer Degen & Angela Andrews


Are you looking for an opportunity to dig into your deepest longings and greatest desires? Would you like to be witnessed as you envision your road map for the next year? Are you creative and do you like to think outside the box as you lay the foundation for and discern how you will step into this year with confidence and clarity?

Jennifer Degen and Angela Andrews will facilitate conscious intention setting at a deeper level (Sankalpa), a mindfulness based yoga practice, followed by manifestation meditation, and a vision boarding activity that will support your vision of your highest road map for yourself.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring your favorite magazines and pens. Jennifer and Angela will supply vision boards, some pens and magazines.

This workshop follows the Sunday drop-in Slow Flow yoga class, which Jennifer will lead.

$14.00 Slow Flow drop-in
$26.00 workshop add-on for non-pass holders
$20.00 workshop add-on for pass holders
*Pre-registration required. Sign-up in the studio or email

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