February Love and Savings

A Space for Friends and Community


One of my intentions for this studio was to create a community space where like-minded people can do yoga, attend inspiring workshops, sip tea, and occasionally gather for potlucks or lectures or music events. This will no doubt take time to come to fruition, but I believe we will get there.

One way to make this yoga space both personal and social is by inviting a friend to class! ALL February long we have the 2 for $20 drop-in special. Make a date night with your partner, introduce a friend to your favorite class, go for morning coffee and yoga with your BFF, or bring a co-worker with you after work…find some way to make yoga both personal and social this month. (If you have tweens or teens and want to practice together, Community Yoga would be a great place to try yoga as a family.)

And don’t forget to check out our events page. We have awesome events this month that focus on deepening connections to your self, your romantic partner, and your kids, including BUTI Yoga, Couples Massage, Family Yoga (kids age 1 through 6), and more.

FYI: This week GENTLE YOGA is back on at 12:00 p.m. Tuesday (perfect if you’ve been out on the mountain all weekend!) and Misa will be subbing for Mindy on Tuesday morning 8:30 a.m.





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