Prenatal Series w/ Meredith

This series will continue beyond April 22.

Drop ins $15. Six-class package for $79. 

This six week series is designed as a retreat for women in all stages of pregnancy, offering a safe space to tap into the vast benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy, birth and throughout motherhood.  These classes will help empower women to use postures, breath work and meditation to feel better prepared for the variety of holistic challenges and glories of being pregnant, giving birth and recovering postpartum.


To prepay and register, please use our PayPal link Purchase class cards through PayPal and write FULL NAME PRENATAL in the notes section.

One thought on “Prenatal Series w/ Meredith

  1. Mary Ellen Alberti says:

    So happy that you are offering this class! It was my favorite class to lead and the women were so grateful. Such an important time to practice yoga! Great job Misa and Meredith!!

    Lots of love, Peace and Blessings, Mary Ellen AWAKEN 802.496.7526

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