Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for prenatal and postpartum mothers


As a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in training, I believe that well-being includes the mind, body, emotions and spirit and that healing must address and provide space for all of these elements.


As you journey through motherhood and the life transformations that accompany this honor, yoga therapy can be a powerful way to reconnect with your body, bring balance to emotional, spiritual and physical changes, and hear and honor your own true voice.


A one-on-one 60-min session includes guided breathing/meditation, practitioner-assisted yoga postures, light bodywork, therapeutic touch and client-centered, open-ended dialog.


The prenatal/postpartum therapy package consists of 3 one-hour sessions for $99, including one in-home session 6-12 weeks after childbirth.


For more information, visit

Call 802-793-6821 or email to schedule



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