Whole Foods Dietary Cleanse Class

Nutrition and Wellness

Hey Yogis and Yoginis, are you looking to clean up your diet? Uncover possible food sensitivities? Increase energy and just generally feel awesome?

Stacey Oshkello, nutritionist and health coach from Stowe Natural Family Wellness, is offering a 4-week class at Valley Glow Yoga this spring to guide clients through a gentle dietary cleanse.

f r e s h v e g e t a b l e s(1)

This gentle guided cleanse is designed to:

  • increase vitality and energy
  • rejuvenate and detoxify the body
  • improve body composition
  • enhance mental clarity
  • boost your immune system
  • inspire healthy habits


Stacey Oshkello, MS, RD, CD, is a whole foods nutritionist and Registered Dietitian offering individual and family nutrition counseling at Stowe Natural Family Wellness. Stacey has been leading dietary cleanses for over a decade and is always inspired and impressed by the results people get with simple changes and group support. Stacey uses nutrition education, health coaching and group building techniques to create a nurturing environment for people to commit to lifestyle changes that improve overall well-being.


To register email Stacey at staceyrd@stowefamilywellness.com or call 603-387-8697


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